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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CocoRosie: The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn

Image Hosted by

Readers of the P&S will remember the love affair we have with CocoRosie and their siren songs. Well on April 10th we will be knighted with their third installment, The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn. An eerie title with an absolutely ghostly cover full of rich symbolism, and with the direction the Metallic Falcons took us on last year, this isn't that much of a surprise.

I've heard a few of the tracks off the new album and while I was blown away on all accounts, there has been a transformation in our ladies. Gone are the purely abstract coos and seductions with every breath and in their place a more beat influence of rhyme and reason. A new chapter if you will, and a welcomed change if you ask me. While I love the soft and twisted calls of their prior releases, something here sounds refreshed and reborn in the death of night. I think you have to do that, you grow, you mutate, you adapt, not only to survive in the land of music, but to survive as an artist.

Touch and Go says, "This album is a departure from the obscured blur of stained glass rêve to a more self-exploitive memoir. Parts are dreamy and parts are savage, but, as with an opera where death represents a secret heaven, the whole record feels like a black diamond in the snow"

While I am listing Rainbowarriors as the track below, I will say that it is not the best track on the album, but I'll let you decide for yourself on April 10th. In their words...

"Rainbowarriors live by the hero myth; Rainbowarriors ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.”

mp3 Rainbowarriors

mp3 K-Hole (live at Touch & Go's 25th Bash 2006)
mp3 South 2nd (live at Touch & Go's 25th Bash 2006)


Download CocoRosie

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 9:36 AM


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Panda Bear: Person Pitch

Image Hosted by

In terms of innovator I have always thought of The Animal Collective as the Beach Boys of our generation. This may be a stretch for some who only know the "surfy songs" of The Beach Boys, but just visit Pet Sounds and you will get my drift. With Panda Bear's solo effort Person Pitch we find out who's the Brian Wilson of the group. Whimsical, playful, light airy vocals, the album just cries out "Brian Wilson", only with a a wicked modern twist that only Panda Bear could do.

I think this is by far the best release of the year. I am so in love with this record that ever since I got it, nothing else has been listened to. From start to finish, layer upon layer, the listener is whisked away to that world where dreams are made of. Where nothing else in this world, all the sadness, suffering, and hopelessness dissolves away, and a smile comes across your face.

Less frantic than anything the Animal Collective has put out and not nearly as depressing as 2002's Young Prayer. A rejuvenated, refreshing sound, that if this album and the upcoming Avey Tare release, Pullhair Rubeye, are any inkling of the direction of what the next Animal Collective album may sound like, then we are in for an amazing trip and a monumental release.

Hands down, the best LP of the year, and one of the most influential and innovative releases I've heard in a long time, Panda Bear's Person Pitch is a remarkable stroke of genius. Below is a track from the release with links to acquire. Enjoy.

mp3 Comfy in Nautica


Download Person Pitch

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:24 PM


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For Squirrels: Baypath Road

Image Hosted by

As I've mentioned before, I attended The University of Florida for my collegiate career during the mid-nineties, and during that time I was exposed to so many amazing bands. One of my favorite bands during my stay there was For Squirrels.

For Squirrels formed in Gainesville, FL, in early 1993. The original lineup featured Jack Vigliatura IV on vocals, guitarist Travis Tooke, drummer Jay Russell and bassist Bill White (with Jack Griego eventually replacing Russell). They played their first show as a band in August 1993 and later, recorded a CD in I think six days for approximately $6,000. That album was Baypath Road and it was released in early 1994.

Later, For Squirrels signed to Sony 550 Music in January of '95 and released the "formal" LP, Example. On the rise, and finally making a name outside of the southern east coast, tragedy struck. On the afternoon of September 8, 1995, the band and their tour manager were traveling I-95 south, returning home from the previous night's performance at C.B.G.B. in New York, when a tire blew out and the vehicle overturned.

Singer Jack Vigliatura (21), bassist Bill White (23), and tour manager Tim Bender (23) all died that day while Drummer Jack Griego (28) and Travis Tooke (23) suffered multiple injuries. It was a hard time in G'ville and I would assume a hard time for anyone who knew of the band. It was a shame to loose so much talent so soon and I can only imagine what could have been.

All that being said, Baypath Road is a hell of a debut and quite possibly, in my opinion, a superior album to their second release, Example. You get a better sense to all those early R.E.M. references and get an album that personifies pure college rock. At many points raw and not as polished as Example, and the sound quality is in no comparison, but songs like Kill the Birds, Flagboy, and Plymouth are standouts that provide a real look into the passion of For Squirrels and the talent that was ripped away from us. A band that is sorely missed and a band that hopefully you will revisit.

Unfortunately, Baypath Road has been long out of print, with numerous talks about a remastered version being produced, but as far as I know nothing is slated as of yet. I was able to obtain a copy while in school and it has been a treasured possession. Below are mp3 versions of the album and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

.: Flagboy
.: Kaberet
.: Go on Up
.: Kill the Birds
.: Red Robin
.: Nathaniel's Song
.: Unicycle
.: Plymouth
.: Left Behind
.: 3

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:30 AM


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy : Live Edinburgh 2006

Image Hosted by
[photo of BPB live giovedì, febbraio 02, 2006 by Huncke]

I mentioned this show last month I believe, but since it is no longer available for download, and we're trying to regain some steam here, I'd thought I'd post it.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy w/ Harem Scarem
Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
April 12, 2006.

Oldham performs with Harem Scarem in this radio broadcast. IT was not the complete show, but was the complete broadcast. The original post credited leex100 on Big O with the sharing of these tracks, and in turn credit is given here. Enjoy a really great performance.

.: Intro
.: A Minor Place
.: Love Comes to Me
.: Molly Bawn
.: New Partner
.: Is it the Sea? - My Home is the Sea
.: Master and Everyone
.: I See a Darkness

Also make sure to grab The Strange Form Of Life EP, released today. New Parter, which is featured above, is also featured on this EP.

Download Bonnie "Prince" Billy

[more amazing photography by Huncke]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:35 AM