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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Submarines

Please tell me why The Submarines' story hasn't been the subject of a low budget indie film yet. Two people, John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, in a long term relationship, they break up, then record a fabulous album together, writing songs riddled with the pain of their breakup, only to get back together during the sessions for their first lp, rekindle their love, and get married. Not only do we get the happy ending, but selfishly I'm glad these two were dragged through the hells of love, loss, and love, because we really get a great album in Declare a New State!

As expected the album reflects on their struggles and their feelings, their thoughts on what went wrong, but in collaboration, there is not this sense of I'm right , your wrong, but more like interpretations. They put everything out in the open for you to hear and what I come away with is a great sleeper of an album to make a "best of 2006" list.

Below are two tracks. Peace and Hate is from their release Declare a New State!, and this version of Brighter Discontent is from the Remixes ep that was just released.

.: Peace and Hate
.: Brighter Discontent (Styrofoam remix)

[website] [myspace] [download LP] [download EP]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 9:43 AM


Monday, October 30, 2006

The Hired Hand Soundtrack

The Hired Hand (1971) is not a wildly known film outside of "film circles", but it's one of my favorite westerns. It was made during that time in "Hollywood" where it was o.k. to be out there. That thoughts and ideas were just as important as action. That you could have what I like to call, an Existential Revisionist Western, made, and accepted. If you are unfamiliar with the film, it's Peter Fonda's first film helming the director's chair (although it is still debated who actually directed Easy Rider) but it stars Fonda, the great Warren Oates, and Verna Bloom. IMDB describes the film,

"Harry Collings returns home to his farm after drifting with his friend, Arch. His wife, who had given up on him, reluctantly allows him to stay, and soon believes that all will be well again. But then Harry has to make a difficult decision regarding his loyalties and priorities."

All this to set up this gem of an album. The Hired Hand Score by Bruce Langhorne is amazing! I am not a huge soundtrack guy. Yeah I have a few, and there are some excellent ones out there, but it's not normally my forte.

The music is simple and beautiful, much like the film itself, and like any great soundtrack imo, the music provides a texture that adds depth and a life-like quality to the film. Very reminiscent to the Dead Man soundtrack, the music in The Hired Hand speaks of emotion and in turn could, and in some cases should, be considered an actual character in the film.

Posteverything provides more insight into Langhorne,

"Bruce Langhorne was one of the most significant session guitarists to emerge in the early years of folk rock at the start of the sixties. He is best known for playing on some of Bob Dylan’s most ground breaking records, notably 1965’s "Bringing It All Back Home", Dylan’s transitional excursion from folk into folk rock.

Langhorne did, however, play with countless other musicians during the sixties, including Richie Havens, Gordon Lightfoot, on Richard and Mimi Farina’s two Vanguard LPs, Eric Anderson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, on Joan Baez’s "Farewell Angelina" and, most memorably in conveying Langhorne’s own exquisite style, on Tom Rush’s "The Circle Game". He produced fellow traveller Ramblin’ Jack Elliot’s "Young Brigham" in 1968 and has since done considerable soundtrack work.

In all that time, Langhorne had never released an LP under his own name but, finally, his mesmerizing score for Peter Fonda’s revisionist Western and directorial debut "The Hired Hand"

I highly recommend you checking out the film, which is now available on dvd, and the soundtrack in it's entirety. Below are two tracks from the soundtrack to sample and a link to purchase.

.: Opening
.: Riding Thru Rain

[imdb] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:26 AM


Friday, October 27, 2006

Achoo! An Asthmatic Kitty Sampler Vol. 1

Emusic is offering at this very moment Achoo! An Asthmatic Kitty Sampler Vol. 1 for free. That's right for free. Artist's like Sufjan Stevens, Castanets, Half-Handed Cloud, My Brightest Diamond, and Liz Janes. 15 tracks and their all FREE! Now I know most of you already have these in some form or another, but if you haven't heard even one of these artists it's worth the download. Check it out HERE.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 6:50 PM


Old Time Relijun

In honor of K Records joining The Collective, and that in tonight's episode will be the video for Wolves and Wolverines, I thought I would post a few tracks from their 2005 concert at Maxwell's.

When I first heard of Old Time Relijun, I was taken back by how loud and quite crazy it was, but after emercing my self in the Relijun over the past few years, I've since been clensed and reborn. I mention this only to those who have tried to be converted in the past and have turned the other cheek. To you I say, come back prodical son and quench your thirst on the Relijun.

Personally I like all of their releases, but the two must own albums are 2012 and Lost Light. Simply put, as with any band really, they get tighter as they progress and in turn 2012 blows me away.

This will be up for a limited time only. Enjoy.

.: Los Angeles
.: Tigers In The Temple
.: Wolves And Wolverines
.: Reptillians

[website] [purchase] [download the whole concert]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:15 AM


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nalle: By Chance Upon Walking

As the first track fades up into my earphones with wind-chimes, acoustic guitar and chopping upon a viola, I know I'm in for a deep journey that recalls thoughts of The Feathers, Joanna Newsom, and Metallic Falcons. A Journey that I'm willing to take and since returning, a journey I insist you all must try.

Nalle, featuring Hanna Tuulikki (vocals, kantele, flutes), Aby Vulliamy (viola) and Chris Hladowski (bouzouki, clarinet), formed in the summer of 2004 and are based out of Glasgow, Scotland. They have recently graced us with their debut lp, By Chance Upon Walking, currently out and released by Pickled Egg Records.

When listening to Nalle, from start to finish, and this release almost demands that, you get a sense of fusion between our world and the next. With Tuulikki's innocent vocals calling out to bridge the gap that we must travel upon. She sings of a land filled with magic and mysticism and opens up a whole new insight to that place where only dreams are made of. Just hearing her angelic voice provides the listener with an inspiration of child-like thoughts and sensations, and when the harmonies manifest themselves, your journey in the excitement and celebration of earth, life, and death begins.

PER had this to say, "Nalle is like a children's toy - a transition object between us and the world. Fused with magic, the haunting songs and sprawling melodies speak of our relationship with the sun, the mountains, and ravens. Through Nalle, we waver on the wobbly branch dividing light and dark, only to fall back at the last minute onto beatific harmonies and sunshine."

The instrumentation on this album is highly original and beautiful, and coupled with Tuulikki's loving and comforting voice, it's a shame I didn't come across this release earlier. Highly recommended for fans of Joanna Newsom and Bjork. Below are two tracks from By Chance Upon Walking. Enjoy.

.: Sunne Song
.: New Roots

[website] [myspace] [download] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:06 AM


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Midtown Dickens

Midtown Dickens are a wonderful Durham band that I'm just getting into to. Although they have played numerous shows around the area and are developing quite the following, I had yet to hear of them before the Troika Music Festival.

Midtown Dickens are the lovable, laughable, and musically gifted Catherine Edgerton and Kym Register. I had no idea of what to expect as I awaited their show following a great performance by Can Joann (I'll get to them in a few posts) at Joe and Jo's. I briefly read a blurb in the Indy (hadn't seen the article which is linked below yet) and I read,

"Midtown Dickens: Multi-instrumentalists not afraid to ask friends for help and the audience for forgiveness and laughs, this Durham duo weaves tapestries of banjo, accordion, percussion, guitar, trombone, harmonica and anything else that's laying around. You'll hear bits of anti-folk heiress Kimya Dawson in Catherine Edgerton, but all of the deprecation has been traded in for friendship and exuberance. This band is a joy to hear and probably even better to live. 8 p.m. --GC

And they weren't kidding. Seeing this duo perform live brought something real and electric into the room. They produced an atmosphere and sound that seemed to make time stand still. We were all in this together, at least for the moment, and they were making the best of it. The audience laughed as one member made a small mistake...and admitted it, but picked right back up where she left off. They were having fun and including us. So many times you see a band perform and there is this invisible line, the band is here and you are there, but with these lovely ladies, they embraced the room and in turn gave us a wonderful show.

Banjos, guitars, drums, tambourines, accordians, and the great vocals and lyrics of both Edgerton and Registar make for great, fun tracks that one can relate to as they talk about Tetris, and heading back to Durham, and eating hot dogs at a Bulls game. Their family feel of anti-folk music really does breathe a sense of fresh air into the music scene and if I were a local band I would try to make sure Midtown Dickens were on the bill.

An outstanding local group that has no where to go but up. As far as I know there is no official release yet so I would highly recommend checking them out live if you can. They are however featured on a free diskette through Durham's own 307 Knox Records.

Below are three of the four tracks available on their myspace page. Enjoy.

.: AM Dial
.: Tetris
.: Under My Shoe

[myspace] [INDY article]
first photo by Lissa Gotwals
second photo live at Troika by Mutual Rejection

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:00 AM


Monday, October 23, 2006

Dark Meat / Vomit Lasers Family Band

I had recently heard of this collective from Athens on a few blogs and then from Team Clermont and I'm officially a fan. The Dark Meat / Vomit Lasers Family Band are actually, from what I can tell , are a merging of (according to their Myspace) Dark Meat (Dr. Cal Barfton, T.J. Onions, Richard "Cheese" Mangana, F. Dartanion Bougnier, and Willl P. Green) with The Vomit Lasers (Balfre Diego, Ollie "Tranny" Controlle, Quebeque Dinero, Harley McIIlvaine, Theodore "Tedd" Hepp, Barbi Barbituate, Jan Fairne, and OC Toshira) but their are also sub catogories with The Sub Tweeters (Alice B. Tokas, Lil' Tomato, and Hairy "Airy" Ola), and The Key Bumps (Duter "XXX" Anomie, MK, and various Dvcks)

Now that that's out of the way, this amazing ensemble has a debut record, Univeral Indians, being released November 24th, out on Cloud Recordings. Never hearing Dark Meat before, this was a refreshing sound to my ear. Sometimes you get burnt out on spinning the same tunes and the new ones you find just don't have that , that something, well Dark Meat has that something and they are coming my way December 16th at King's Barcade here in Raleigh.

Their bio on Team Clearmont reads a little more true than their myspace with: "DARK MEAT are an Athens ensemble that can rock, and sway, and clap they hands to the beat in an area large enough for them to do it in. Singer/guitarist Jim McHugh and bassist Ben Clack moved to Athens from North Carolina two years ago and met guitarist Kris (who also shreds with SUBVERSIVO), and drummer Forrest (who formerly rocked with CARRIE NATIONS) while working together at a restaurant downtown. When second drummer Spirit Bird left town, his chair was filled by cymbal master Jason Robira. The group features a powerful backing vocal ensemble called the Subtweeters (Heather, Page, & Claire) who can rival the vocal intensity of the earth shaking performances on BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY's classic L.P. "Cheap Thrills". The groups massive horn section led by Charlie (trumpet) and Aaron (trombone) comes across like a Salvation Army Mariachi brass band - and with waves of reeds from Jeff, Al, and Becky, songs become wildly fluid in the exploratory sections. John Fernandes (ELF POWER, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, etc.) also came in to the group playin' some crazed, jiggle-billy fiddle and bass clarinet, and lest us not forget the key bumps, a roving pack of band cheer leaders including Chris Smith on flag twirling and Toshira blowing out on a couple of didgeridoos."

You really get a sense that these, over 15 musicians in all, sometimes upward of 23, really enjoy playing together. Their sound is other-worldly and when asked "Why all the personnel?" Ben Clack said in a press release: "We started as a four-piece Neil Young cover band and, from that, started writing our own material...To achieve the sound we aspire to make takes a lot of people."

I like that last line, "the sound we aspire to make"

Below are two tracks from their upcoming cd, Universal Indians.

.: Dead Man
.: Angel of Meth

[myspace] [Cloud Recordings] [Tiny Mix Tapes Interview]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:12 PM


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Prayers and Tears...EP

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers were awesome last night, along with The Mountain Goats and Man Man, at 305 South, part of the Troika Music Festival. (I will be posting more about the festival in the coming days) If you haven't seen these guys live yet, I insist you do. Anyway, this got me thinking that during my off and on posts during September (sorry about that, but film making calls), I never mentioned about the Free EP, Redux, they put out through their website.

is a collection of rarities and singles from non-album compilations, including our contribution to Esopus Magazine last year, Lisa. Please download and enjoy this EP while we slave away in the studio without proper sustenance or respite." -website

Below is the Redux EP:

1. Lisa (Esopus Magazine 2005)

2. I am Morris Townsend (No-Fi Transmission)

3. Jeff Buckley Moves to Memphis (2001 Demo)

4. Raining in Darling (Cold Rock, Dull Grass)

5. Concerning the End of the World

Perry Wright and Alex Lazara are the masterminds behind the wonderful, heartfelt and soul-baring music that makes up The Prayers and Tears... If you like what you hear above, they have alot more for you to sample on their website, which I highly recommend you checking out and once you've done that you'll be quite the fan, so you might as well pick up their cd, The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia.

If you missed them at Troika, then you can try to catch them tonight, Saturday, October 21, 7pm at Local 506 ,Chapel Hill, NC,with David Bazan, Bowerbirds and the Strugglers.

[website] [myspace] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:22 PM


Live: Drakkar Sauna

I know it seems that I have this love affair with Drakkar Sauna because this is the second post in like one week, and I've actually mentioned this before, but these guys are this good. I just wanted to provide you with a live performance from Winfield Aught-Four Stage 7, 2004.

.: Hello. My Love Has Faded
.: Boon Render
.: Groovebox-76
.: Very Much Alone pt.2: The Coke Binge
.: Lessons to Teach a Child
.: Who's That Knockin?
.: Viva la quince brigada

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:52 PM


Friday, October 20, 2006


Marzuki, oh Marzuki. The birth place of one of our fore-fathers of modern music today. That's right Sufjan Stevens. Marzuki was a college band from Michigan in the mid to late 1990's and was named after Sufjan's brother Marzuki Stevens ( a professional marathon and long distance runner). Members included Shannon Stephens on vocals and guitar, Jamie Kempers on cello, Matthew Haseltine on guitar and bass, and none other than Sufjan Stevens on guitar, percussion, and some of the more exotic instruments. Alot of their lyrics explored spiritual and romantic themes, not to uncommon from Mr. Stevens' current musings.

Well, after searching much of the internet for more info, pretty much everyone has the same three or four sentences about the band. I wasn't there and I'm not going to pretend like I know a great deal here, so instead just take a listen. I will say though, that these tracks harness breathtaking vocals and beautiful instrumentations, and are must listens, but please judge them on their own. Shannon Stephens is the real focus here. Just remember that.

Below are mp3 versions of Marzuki's first release, Marzuki, circa 1996 on MS Records.
  1. Mouse
  2. Panic
  3. Kissing The Ceiling
  4. Phillip and the Ethiopian
  5. Really Tough Break
  6. Julianna
  7. The Rashaneid
  8. Stone
  9. 10,000 Roses (For Me)

Click HERE for a nice interview Sufjan Stevens did with his ex-Marzuki bandmate, Shannon Stephens for Bandoppler Magazine about her 2000 S/T release.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:44 AM


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Purrs in Concert + CD Giveaway

This past Thursday I had the pleasure, courtesy of Filter Mag, of checking out the Seattle based band The Purrs. Never heard of them, but hey it's a show and it's free and after checking out their myspace, I was really excited to check these guys out. I read somewhere of all the "sounds like" quotes. From REM on Loose Talk, Brit Pop in general, early Bowie/VU and since I am a fan of all the before mentioned groups you can expect my surprise when I don't really think that they sound like any of the above mentioned bands. I can sense influences, but you know who they sound like...they sound like The Purrs. A sound that cries out to not be the next passing "Friends" or "Dawson's Creek" flavor of the month and if you've only heard Loose Talk, and you should've by now because it's a great track, you might think this the case, but check out Because I Want To or Get On With Your Life and listen to the lyrics and instrumentation. Man these guys can play.

Now Jima has a great sound on lead vocals, and it's just enough his own to make it really work, but it's almost give or take if it wasn't for the intriguing
and entertaining instrumentation of Jason Milne, Craig Keller, and Jason Atkin. And after seeing them live, this only solidifies this initial thought. They put on a great show and were by far the highlight of the night. They brought with them an aura of fun and a sense of confidence, like "hey, we're making it happen". As an audience member, you were glad you were there and they were glad to give most of us, virgin-eared to their sound, an entertaining show.

A great night and if their coming your way make sure to check them out. Below are two tracks off their new self-titled cd, The Purrs, out on Sarathen Records.

.: Get On With Your Life
.: She's Gone

And now for the giveaway... a free copy of The Purrs S/T cd.
All you need to do is email me , and tell me what sitcom recently featured The Purrs track Loose Talk on the show. That's it. The first response with the correct answer will get the cd.

[The Purrs website] [The Purrs myspace]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 9:50 PM


Drakkar Sauna

I've posted about Drakkar Sauna (Jeff Stolz & Wallace Cochran) before and missed out on a post about their latest release Jabraham Lincoln, out on Marriage Records. This Kansas duo play energetic and eclectic music that resembles old time country and gives me a goldrush feel that would not be far off from a communal campfire night dance. A rich blend of folkish Surrealism, left rough around the edges and tweaked with subtleties. Acoustic guitars, percussion beats, accordion, harmophone and keys, and some of the most gorgeous harmonies, make Drakkar Sauna one of my favorite bands these days.

The two tracks below are from this release and with Jabraham Lincoln, these guys have only raised their own bar by perfecting an already solid and exciting sound. If you like the tracks make sure to grab their two prior releases through emusic and you can purchase Jabraham Lincoln through Marriage here.

.: Teach Me Your Legs
.: Om, John Surratt

"Misters Stolz and Cochran, the Sauna’s Marxist (Groucho) masterminds, step cautiously into the fur-lined podcast villa to promote their forthcoming release “Jabraham Lincoln” — which they refuse to do, and instead wind up pole-dancing blindfolded to old Dolly Parton songs. Accept no substitutes! When Drakkar Sauna is around, everything’s right with the world." -

Check out the podcast in reference below.

.: Podcast

[website] [myspace] [purchase] [download]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:14 PM


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

William Fitzsimmons

Talk about the past, I was introduced to Willliam through myspace and he was kind enough to send me an mp3 of Find It In Me, a song on his most recent work, Until When We Are Ghosts. He wanted me to wait to post this until he got the online download up and then I slacked, but here it is below. When I first heard his voice I was blown away. This is a must download!

.: Find It In Me

[myspace] [download the cd]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 7:14 PM


A new look for the site as time is now permitting a little more devotion here. It also allows IE users to read and navigate freely through the site. I was getting a few complaints about that and now explore away.

I want to say thanks to anyone who takes the time out of their busy day to sit down and read what I have to say, or at least stops by to explore the artists mentioned here. A new The Collective is out and on the airwaves, so if you're in the area it's Mon and Fri at 9:30pm, Wed at 10pm, and Sat at 6:30pm, all on Channel 24. Also the Troika Music Festival hits town tomorrow and throughout the weekend. I got my Festival pass and plan on hitting a bunch of the shows around Durham. If you see me, make sure to say hi.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 4:33 PM


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can Joann

Locals, locals, locals. I have two or three posts coming up about some local bands that are must listens.

Formed in 2004, Can Joann are a Chapel Hill based band consisting of 4 members, Ryan Benjamin, Andrew Bernish, Cameron Kelly and Joel Peck. After releasing an EP in 2005, we are graced with their official debut, titled Hurt People Hurt People, which was recorded at Poxworld Empire and a rented 19th century farm house in Chapel Hill.

Hook-heavy rock that makes you want to go to a show. You want to be at the door, arriving just a hair late as Indecision's Way echos through the corridor. Music that gets your heart pumping and you're excited that someone local is putting out music that doesn't demand a damp dark room with a shade less lamp. You grab a PBR bottle from the bar and enjoy the ride. Not to heavy and not to slow...just right.

I'm not from the Triangle area originally, but from what I've heard through dusting off some old 7"'s and finding a tape deck laying around and listening to this music from a historical point of reference, Can Joann just seems to fall in line with the natural progression of things and whether they mean to or not, upon first listening, there was this sound that hit me and I knew it was NC.

Listening to these guys brought me back to my days at The Covered Dish in Gainesville, listening to rock music, and having a good time. From sampling the EP and now Hurt People Hurt People, I'm officially a fan. I don't know if it's the clean instrumentation, the song-writing, the hooks, but Can Joann isn't afraid to take a broad swipe at NC's rock history and make it their own. With musical references that could go on and on, I've rambled long enough. Check out two tracks from HPHP for yourself and make sure to see them live this month at:

Thursday, 10.19.06. At Joe and Jo's Durham, NC. Part of Troika Music Festival. 5 other bands that night at that venue. Can Joann at 7 PM.

2. Saturday, 10.14.06. At Raleigh Music Hall. Raleigh, NC. w/ Tiger Thief

.: Indecision's Way
.: After the Seizure is Gone

[website] [myspace]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:21 PM


Friday, October 06, 2006

Chrome Dreams

Chrome Dreams was planned for release in 1977 then abandoned, with Neil Young releasing American Stars & Bars that year. Four songs and a re-recorded track from Chrome Dreams were included in American Stars & Bars and a few others, but different versions were included on Hawks & Doves and Comes A Time.

You can get these altered versions and the Chrome Dreams Takes right now for free download on Big O. Below is one of the tracks available.

.: Powderfinger
[Neil Young and instruments. Recorded September 1975. Diff version found on Rust Never Sleeps 1979. This is shorter and without Crazy Horse.]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:52 AM


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Graham Lindsey: Hell Under the Skullbones

Is this Dylan's son? No seriously...Wow!

Graham Lindsey was passed along to me by Spacebar Records and I'm very glad they did. Below are some exact notes that I scribbled down upon sitting down with Hell Under the Skullbones:

"Nice artwork-think liner notes filled with lyrics. Believes it"

All written down before hearing a single word, oh and to bands out there, I really like lyrics included. I know it's more expensive to add them to the liner, but hey throw in a printed copy from your mac/pc. It just says something to me.

I hate to keep mentioning the whole Dylan reference, but damn, he sounds more like Dylan that Jacob ever has, anyway...

Hell Under the Skullbones
is Graham Lindsey's latest on Spacebar Records and this is a very good cd. Listening to the first 2 tracks I feel like I need to take a road trip to my friend's place out in Whitney, NC, to travel the country roads, to fly by the stalks of corn and crank these tunes up...Americana man, Americana.

As soon as I hit track three though, you better throw me up on the porch, turn down the radio, and give me a glass of whiskey because we've hit the dark blues. I found myself skipping through pretty quickly on first listening and I hate that. The first two tracks put me in this mood and unfortunatly I wasn't ready to come down yet. I went back numerous times throughout the day and in this lies the problem, because when I put on the disc around 11pm later that night, this dark bluesy feeling crept in and didn't let go.

Not only are Lindsey's lyrics intellegent, dark, and damp, but the instrumentation is extremely well done and I found myself that night replaying certain tracks just for the arrangements. Fellow musicians Steve Deutsch (also produced the lp), Larry Taylor, Morris Tepper, and Nick Vincent have added a great deal to filling in these solid tracks and while you know I would love to here these stripped down, bare boned, w/ Lindsey and an acoustic, these songs are polished in all the right places and should be viewed as quite an accomplishment.

Overall a good cd and there are some instant ipod additions, including, Matchbook Song, Elly Bly, Winterim, and the great closer, Ain't Enough Liquor. Definitely check out the cd and I would only imagine that Graham Lindsey would be an excellent live performer, so if you have the chance to see him, I would go. Below are two tracks for you to sample.

.: Matchbook Song
.: Ain't Enough Liquor

[website] [myspace] [Spacebar Records]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 4:59 PM


Lys Guillorn: Three Songs EP

As intimate as the limited edition (200) handmade EP case is, are the songs that Lys Guillorn sings on her 2006, Little Cowgirl release, Three Songs EP.

An acoustic guitar is just one of the items featured in her arsenal, but her gentle, yet truthful voice is the true weapon of choice. I have had this ep, along with her 2003 release, for a while now and I'm at the point in which I feel I am comfortable writing about the ep. And please don't misunderstand, it isn't because I put it on the shelf, to the contrary, it's been a staple in my musical selections. Sometimes you can write something quick, you're in the moment, sometimes a post comes across as less personal, you want the info out there, but, yeah, just but, and then sometimes it just has to feel right. This is one of those releases.

I find this ep to be a very personal headphone endeavour and she summons thoughts of a 69/70 Joni Mitchell / Emilyou Harris love affair. I want to believe every word she utters, and this ep is a truely genuine home recording delight. Three tracks that allow Guillorn's somber-sounding voice to echo an intimacy that's often missed today.

The standout track on this 3 track EP (why couldn't there be more) is When I Was a Tiger Lily. "Releasing my shadow". Think about that for a moment. This is a lyric from the song that has echoed in my head from the first time I heard it. To me this is a very sympathic and comforting line and I have found myself thinking of it often. I'll repeat it again, "releasing my shadow". To me this song is about a rememberance and letting go of the past. Looking back, not in regret, but in the acknowledgment of where she has been and the cessation on that chapter of her life. A real gem of a song.

I don't know how many, if any, of these cds are still available, but I do recommend you trying to get your hands on one. You can visit her online through the links and I invite you to sample the above mention track below. Enjoy.

.: When I Was a Tiger Lily

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Troika Music Festival update

Update on the Troika Music Festival:

All the Broadstreet Cafe shows have now moved to Joe and Jo's Downtown. Please make a note if you have yet.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Not the usual genre of music you are used to finding here, but Blacklist flashes me back to The Church days and Cult dreams and they have a free EP. I checked it out after recieving their video for The Language of the Living Dead for The Collective. An unusually catchy track, considering the genre, but a very good video and even better song. They seem to be making an impact on the underground scene in NYC and have toured along side The Bellmer Dolls, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Screaming For Emily and Psychic TV. A great blend of darker rock and you can check out the ep here and sample a track below.

.: The Language of the Living Dead

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The Collective has a myspace

Hey! The Collective now has a myspace account. Won't you be our friend???

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