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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Charles Latham

Referencing Monday's post, last December I went and saw The Wigg Report perform at 305 South in Durham. Opening for them was Charles Latham, unfortunately a name I did not know, but one I will not forget.

I was chatting with a few people prior to the evening and asked about Latham. I was given loose comparisons, from a no safety net Rivers Cuomo type to the amazing Daniel Johnston and really had no idea how to interpret this. Everyone has their own interpretation, but I personally find Johnston a genius and an amazing talent so I was extremely excited about that, and even the Cuomo part was intriguing, so seeing Latham perform was going to be a real treat.

When I arrived, I was introduced to an extremely nice, although somewhat shy of a guy, and he handed me his cd and introduced himself. I was excited just by the artwork and couldn't wait to give the cd a spin.

When the show began, I was blown away. Now you know my usual taste. The singer/songwriter who writes between the lines, toting an acoustic guitar, singing with desperation in their vocals. A tri-fecta in Durham when Latham took to the stage. Like I said...I was blown away.

It was so much more than what I'd heard about Latham, and I can see where those comparisons lied, but there is no doubt that this was a one of a kind, this was Charles Latham.

After the show, and what a great show it was, I set off to Florida for the holidays. I brought four cds with me. The Midtown Dickens Christmas cd (thanks again Kym), two The Wigg Report cds, and Latham's Pretty Mouth. It was seven hours down to Jacksonville.

Pretty Mouth is a solid, clever, homespun effort that rides that tongue and cheek line from beginning to end. His lyrics are poetic in a Basquiat way, rising above the sea of exaggerated mediocrity. There's hurt and loss on the record, but pity is not what he's after, it's more an analysis of the human existence and the interactions and follies in this life. There are moments of pure astonishment, beautiful songs, rude songs, and some moments of pure genius as he tackles topics and issues not normally discussed in your everyday tune. Lyrical word play that might offend if you read it, but when crooned by Latham, works so well it's scary. Simply put, Charles Latham is someone you must experience. Whether its at a proper show, his cd on your headphones, or even a street corner (which he does do from time to time), it is essential that these lamented anthems be heard.

Like someone on his myspace asked, "Why are you in North Carolina?" I don't know this answer, but selfishly I'm glad. His music is at the forefront of what this area has to offer and it's exactly what I've been looking for. Below are two tracks from Pretty Mouth for you to sample. As mentioned before, you can see Charles Latham live on February 9th at The Duke Coffeehouse during the Anti-Folk Festival in Durham. Highly recommended!

.: Hard On
.: Nice (To Me)


posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:04 AM


Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wigg Report

It's not often you find a great band that you never heard of in your own back yard, but that's just what I did near the end of last year. With two cds under their belt, (Seltzer and Flexi Slacks) The Wigg Report are hitting on all cylinders and hints in their sound rushed me back to my college years. When I say college years, I want it known that I'm not saying they sound like a band from 10 years ago, but the feeling they create when you hear their music, and especially when you hear them live, is an amazing rush of energy and pure emotion.

I keep telling myself that uttering The Wigg Report in the same breath with The Pixies, or The Violent Femmes even, would be blasphemy, you can't compare Black Francis and crew to anyone, but the more I hear the whole of their work, the more I have to draw a similar parallel between either one of these bands. It's not so much a "sounds like" comparison, but it's more a feeling I get when their music rushes through my headphones. Stephen Mullaney, Christine Fantini, and Ben Riseling , make up Durham's own, The Wigg Report.

Ben gave me a shout about the band and a gig they were playing late last year. It was a small venue, (shop side of 305 South) but in some ways, was the perfect place for me to see The Wigg Report for the first time, not to mention $1 PBRs. So much energy was placed into their stripped down punch that from that day, I was a huge fan.

Their music is a wonderful blend of minimal acoustic punk rock, mind blowing horns, electronics, and Mullaney's raw, alcohol soaked vocals. A sound that might be overlooked to a casual listener, but sample the tracks below, or see them live and I guarantee you'll be hooked.

Acoustic guitar, the remains of a drum kit, and a saxophone make up the base...yeah, that's right I said saxophone, but this provides the foundation in which they erect their layered structure of sound. It's an intoxicating ride and the sum of their creation is a sound that brings a unique touch, making The Wigg Report really stand out from the rest of local music.

*side note (This isn't their intent so much though, because from what I've experienced in my short time here, the Durham music scene is more like an interchanging working family. Band members from other bands will walk up on stage and help out their friends for a song or two while other bands in the audience dance and cheer their mates on. It's an amazing and embracing community that will most definitely be featured here regularly.) Back to the post already in progress...

And while I love the sax, madly played by former Beulah member Riseling, I must say I keep coming back to the tracks when he drops the brass and starts knob twisting (as witnessed on Barstow below). A great element of ghostly depth to provide a backdrop to the loose strings and the offset blending of Mullaney's and Fantini's vocals. On Barstow alone, we witness an intertwining chorus of a call and response feel, at first with each other, culminating with Fantini's cry between man and machine, all with an underling romance of "I'll be there when you fall". This may be my favorite track and it's one that has been on constant play for over a month.

There are other tracks provided below to round out the experience that are equally as good and I hope you enjoy the selection. The Wigg Report is hands down a great band with much promise and a bright future. If you are local, I highly recommend checking them out February 9th at the Anti-Folk Festival in Durham. They will be playing alongside P&S favorite, Midtown Dickens, and Charles Latham, The Future Kings of Nowhere, and Billy Sugarfix. Hope to see you there.

.: Barstow
.: Bucket of Blood
.: New York
.: Sun Is Out
.: Street Music

[myspace] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:46 PM


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rosie Thomas

First off let me say, January has been a bear of a month between, well, life in general. A month where there is so much to do, that can be done, opportunities, responsibilities, and it seems my hands were in everything near the end of last year that I eventually I just pulled them all back to reassess. For what it's worth, I thought I'd write that...on to Rosie Thomas

Blown away.

That should be all I have to write about Rosie Thomas' release, These Friends of Mine. A total collaboration between Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, and Denison Witmer, as well as many featured guests. Many people might argue with me on this (I remember you guys dissing my thoughts on Isobel Campbell's cd) but I thought this cd not only produced solid singles, like the one below, but as an album, could be listened to from start to finish without a missed beat.

Amazing and available right now for advanced download through emusic or itunes (retail March 07) and this has been on rotation today. Below is a track with links to acquire.

.: Much Farther To Go

[website] [myspace] [download]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:54 PM


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Murs & 9th Wonder

Murs teams up once again with 9th Wonder on 2006's Murray's Revenge and knocks it out of the park. This is what I've been listening too all week. Retrospecting 2006 with this one and loving every moment of it. For more info on Murs check him out here and an emusic link to download is below..

.: Dreamchaser

[download] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:14 PM


Friday, January 05, 2007

Black Flag

Over the holidays I got very nostalgic. My parents brought up most of my stuff from home and now it's in my attic. I have Baseball cards, gi joes, star wars figures (with all their weapons), but the must touching thing to me was my skateboard decks. All the days of Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas, Mike Vallely, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, and Tony Hawk came rushing back. Enough that I grabbed one of the still complete decks and gave it a spin around supurbia. I loved skateboarding...I still do.

After that I had to go back in the vault and pull out all my old tapes and cds . Instead of posting tracks that I know you can still buy (hint hint, link below), I decided to post a show I got a while ago on a great site.

When the show was recorded I was not aware of one of the greatest hardcore punk bands ever (I was 5). But they were in constant play only a few years later. That's right 'm talking about BLACK FLAG!

I grabbed this show from Shaved Neck (great source for hardcore punk) and by all means want you to go check their site out. A great history source and some great shows up for sampling. They made it possible for me to have this show and I'm just passing it along.

Black Flag
Phoenix's Calderon Ballroom 1982

.: What Can You Believe
.: Black Coffee
.: My War - I've Heard It Before
.: Depression
.: Beat My Head Angst Wall
.: Slip It In
.: Modern Man
.: No More
.: Nervous Breakdown
.: My Rules
.: I Love You
.: Nothing Left Inside

*photo by Ed Arnaud (Copyright 1982-2005).

[purchase Black Flag]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:14 PM


The waistband is finally shrinking back to it's normal size and the head is becoming less foggy. I took a week off to, I guess, just relax. Too much partying, too much work related stuff, too much football, excess, that is the word for the last few weeks.

I went to a few Carolina Hurricanes games, watched tons of football, awaiting my Florida Gators chance at BCS Championship status, some college hoops, a few concerts, and man was I tired after all that. Well now that the dust has settled on this new year, we shall resume better than ever. (Can we say resolution)

Well it's 2007 and I hope it is everything you hope for. Posts to come...

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 9:55 AM