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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Delphine Dora

And on the same note as 'Li, we have another Another Records release in Delphine Dora and her latest release For Christmas. The EP is six songs of "improvised" enchanting music layered just enough with the subtle vocals of Dora. Granted you need to be in the mood for this and 'Li, but give these last two posts a true listen. Visit Delphine's website for more music, pictures, and videos.

.: akzsipoutlouyakkopiftu
.: cellar fire
.: chamanic saraband
.: cristalline
.: spiritual march
.: tianfithiipyutskouih


posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 5:02 PM



I guess the best way to describe this post is to use the word "Experimentation". In a preamble for this piece, the term "Rough Music" was used, a term that I understand in being, a free form not conformed by restrictions and pre-conceived produced work. This idea of "Pure" music interests me and enough to post about Gina Artworth, and her project 'Li. She is currently living in Belgium and has released a very intriguing album through Another Record, an independent micro label, and is available for download here or, for your convienence, directly below. Write to her and she will create an album cover for you.

.: 1
.: 2
.: 3
.: 4
.: 5
.: 6
.: 7
.: 8
.: 9
.: 10

[website] [purchase other Gina Artworth]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:27 PM


Monday, January 30, 2006

The Raconteurs

When I was on the XL site earlier today I notice a note exclaiming The Raconteurs Are Coming. The "Super Group" of Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler are The Raconteurs. A Double A side 7", with the tracks Steady, As She Goes/Store Bought Bones will be released UK side on 1/30 and the same release State side 3/7. Both tracks sound really good and I'm looking forward to the release. Go to their retro (boy does it bring back memories) website to hear the tracks and for much more.

[website] [myspace]

*edit (YANP) has Steady As She Goes for download.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 4:01 PM


Be Your Own Pet

With a recent XL single release, Be Your Own Pet is hitting out and hitting out hard. These guys are great and I'm hoping to catch them when they come to The Cat's Cradle on February 11th. Their new Lp is out March 13th and the tracks below (1 track, 1 video) will both be on it. How can you not like a band who's into submarines, climbing trees, and my favorite late night spot, The Waffle House. Get on board...because the ship's leaving.

.: We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol
(qtv) Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)
.: Damn Damn Leash (SXSW 2005)

Check out a few more tracks on their MySpace.
iTunes has two singles and an EP available.
[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:53 PM


Hudson Bell

Living in the heart of "pop", Hudson Bell is not afraid to venture into swirls of fuzz and guitar solos, and that's what makes these guys different to the ear. This Monitor debut, When the Sun is the Moon, is totally worth the listen. Monitor claims, "If you were looking for the dawning of the new age of indie rock, here it begins." Quite a statement, but it just might be true, with their "infectous" guitar work and "catching" vocals, Hudson Bell is "contagious".

.: Atlantis Nights (From When the Sun is the Moon)
Download two more of their tracks from their MySpace!

.: Expatriate (From Captian of the Old Girls)

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:28 AM


The Horns of Happiness

Aaron Deer's (one half of The Impossible Shapes) The Horns of Happiness will be releasing Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline 12" on Secretly Canadian dropping 2/7. SC says, "...the Elephant Six foundations have given way to a treasure trove of pounding rhythms and repetitive organ lines..." I get the change, but I still hear those foundations and thankfully so. It's worth a listen. Check out the track below from this release.

.: Coal-Wasted Avalanche

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:16 AM



I've been slammed with work (not a bad thing I guess, but none the less, no time) This weekend equally busy. I do however have a big week planned for the ol' P&S. New VU Series coming as soon as I get a chance (TFA being removed at that time) Some local stuff for your listening pleasure and a few reviews for some awesome discs I received in the mail, just to name a few.

I can not stress enough on how good the new Tortoise and Bonnie "Prince" Billy album is. Click the link in the previous post to check it out.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but fear not, more to come.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:10 AM


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

The Brave and the Bold
is on my list for best album of the year. Period. No tracks (enough are already floating out there) but go directly to emusic and download this album if you haven't already. There is not a bad track on the whole album.

**VU Series: Time Fades Away is coming down this weekend. I have left it up a little longer than usual because of the demand. So get it while you can. Thanks.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:58 PM


Ester Drang: Rocinate

Ester Drang has truely come to life with their latest album, Rocinate. I've had Infinite Keys since '03 and listened to it alot, but never really latched on, but with this, their third proper release, out yesterday, they have taken their music to the next level. It's not often when a band out does it's debut and second effort, but in this case Ester Drang excels on all fronts with Rocinate.

They are coming to NC via The Wetlands in Chapel Hill on 3/1, so make sure to grab some tickets. In close (I know that sounds like a fucking paper, but I just had no other way to transistion, but I couldn't not say something about this amazing cover.) I love album covers and this is one of my favorites so far this year. Check out the tracks Valencia's Dying Dream and Come Back Alive from this release.

.: Valencia's Dying Dream
.: Come Back Alive

[website] [purchase] [download]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 6:47 PM


world' S end girlfriend

Similar to the way Sigur Ros creates another world for the listener to frolic in, Katsuhiko Maeda 's musical project, world'S end girlfriend creates another land in the same solar system of post-rock. Ambient musical landscapes help guide us on a surreal journey that transcends time and space. With his "official" third full length release, The Bind Lays Land (2005), it's no different. Check out the track, We Are The Massacre and it's music video from the LP.

.: We Are The Massacre
.: (qtv)

From his 2001 release Farewell Kingdom
.: Daydream Loveletter

From his 2002 release dream'S end come true
.: Singing Under the Rainbow


posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:03 PM


Aeroplane Pageant

I've been listening to the He Is Fire EP, the mid-05 debut from Aeroplane Pageant . Indie rock is where I would place their sound, but they place themselves in the realm of a post rock/avant-pop style. None the less this has been brightening my day. Recorded and produced by Shane Stoneback ( contributor to the White Stripes and Perry Farrell) and sounding nothing like those two bands, but the songs on He Is Fire, fit more in line with today's radio warriors, such as Arcade Fire and The Killers.

Check out a track from this release and visit them online here.

.: Kind as Killers

[purchase] [website]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:26 AM


Jamie Barnes: The Paper Crane EP

Released earlier this month on the Sundays In Spring label, The Paper Crane EP, is 5 tracks of bedroom bliss. "Barnes’ strengths lie in simple, hooky, lo-fi bedroom pop gems. His delivery is beautifully understated and even optimistic as he sings poignant autumnal folk songs that recall failed attempts at unrealistic plans." -SIS

Check out two tracks from the FREE EP below. Visit Jamie Barnes' website here for more info and for purchasing information.

.: wings on the line
.: paper crane

[Get the whole EP here]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:40 AM


Monday, January 23, 2006

The London Apartments

A little unlike the normal music I put up here, but I've been listening to The London Apartments recently and it's a fine mix of ambient and electronica with soft emotional lyrics. I'm posting a few tracks from their 2004 EP, Dialogue of One, released on the net label, Sundays in Spring. The London Apartments on this ep are Justin Langlois = voice, guitar, loops and Erin Fortier = guitar, laptop, synth. Their bio for this release states they are,

"embracing technology alongside bedroom pop songwriting ethics, the london apartments' eyes light up under the glow of computer screen and delay pedal LEDs, while their hands fill with guitar and synth surrounded with glitchloops and drum-machine rhythms. close your eyes and breathe in these sounds."

TLA is currently only Justin Langlois and he is currently working on a new cd. In 2005 TLA released a full length entitled Romanticism Aside. You can purchase that LP here and check out their myspace. Enjoy three tracks from the Dialogue of One EP, it's definently worth the listen.

.: Streetlights Are Soldiers
.: Teeth
.: It Is Never Goodbye

You can download the whole ep from here.
[website] [purchase other TLA]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:08 PM


J. Tillman's latest release

Well, Illinois beat me to it. I should really get up sooner. Anyway all the posts will only help is the way I look at it. J. Tillman (Josh Tillman) will be releaseing his second cd with a limited 150 pressing through Keep Records. The official release is 1/31/06 and my suggestion is to pre-order now. I got mine this weekend.

I've posted about Tillman earlier this year and I highly recommend grabbing this cd. Sample two tracks from the upcoming Long May You Run, J. Tillman release (any conection to The Stills Young Band's album, probably)

.: My Waking Days
.: Seven States Across

From his previous cd, I Will Return (sold out)
.: Lilac Hem
.: Cecille, My Love

Pre-Order Long May You Run, J. Tillman

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:09 PM


Friday, January 20, 2006

Hush Arbors

Hush Arbors is Keith Wood, recording a unique blend of psych-folk. Currently (as of 1/6/06 anyway) he has been performing with Wooden Wand. Some of his work is being re-released this year and with his latest outporing of under bent limb trees and death calligraphy he is sure to be on more radars. I've been enjoying some of his work today and thought I would pass it along. Make sure to visit his website for the latest info, more downloads, and purchasing information.

.: where the blackbear hides in the sky
.: may all your pastures now spring with herbs

.: magic wood
the same tree forever
.: wait for awhile
people died today


posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:40 AM


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jens Lekman US Tour EP

Slammed at work today and this is the first time I have had to post. My new show, The Collective, is set to air starting this Monday at 9:30pm on Channel 24 here in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, so if you are in this neck of the woods, make sure to check it out.

I've been listening to alot of Jens Lekman lately, his two lps and eps, and recently got hold of his US Tour ep and thought I would bring it to you guys here. Four tracks of "new to me" Lekman. Enjoy.

.: Run Away With Me
.: How Much You Mean To Me
.: Me On The Beach (Nagisa Ni Te)
.: Jag Tyckte Hon Sa Lonnlov

[buy Jens Lekman here] [Download here]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:49 PM


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Animal Collective Acoustic set

Three tracks from members of The Animal Collective from their in-studio performance (8/31/05) at Planet Claire (Aligre FM 93.1). Avery Tare (David Portner) and Doctess (Kristin Anna Valtysdottir) perform stripped down versions (acoustic guitar/keyboard/vocals) of the tracks below. Amazing and beautiful. What are you waiting for...Enjoy.

.: The Purple Bottle
.: Flesh Canoe
.: I've Got Mine

[website] [purchase Animal Collective]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:17 AM


Speaking of Alasdair Roberts...

Available for download, Alasdair Roberts' complete Planet Claire Session (Aligre FM 93.1) from 7/5/03. If you have not heard Alasdair Roberts' solo work, this is as good a place as any. Amazing set.

.: When A Man Is In Love He Feels
.: Carousing
.: Farewell Sorrow
.: What Put The Blood On Your Right Shoulder Son
.: Lord Gregory
.: I Went Hunting

[website] [order Alasdair Roberts LP's] [itunes]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:15 AM


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Amalgamated Sons of Rest

Amalgamated Sons of Rest were Jason Molina, Will Oldham, and Alasdair Roberts. Three great musicians on one great album. This album is absolutely amazing and I was going to put this up for the VU Series, but it is available on cd (just found this out, although most places have it as out of print/backordered, but a few say they have it, so...) When I purchased it years ago, I think vinyl was the only option. Anyway, here are two tracks from their S/T EP and the "hidden" b-side track I Will Be Good, which seems to be the true collaboration here. Amazing and highly recommended.

.: My Donal
.: Major March
.: I Will Be Good

edit 1.23.06 - Purchase through Monitor.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:40 AM


The Impossible Shapes: Tum

Finally being widely released (Their was a limited 300 run vinyl release) come March , Tum, the Impossible Shapes "latest" album, is being described as their "rawest tapes" and "potent" by Secretly Canadian and from the preview I got (they had the album available for download), I can't wait for this official cd release. Tum sees the return of original members and with this, a new found confidence to dare to the extreme. Released on vinyl a few weeks prior to their 2005 release Horus, Tum, which was self-produced/self-directed, might be the more interesting album here, and is finally going to be available for the masses. Check out three cuts from this upcoming release.

.: Pan-Ther
.: Florida Silver Springs
.: Our Love Lives

From their 2005 release, Horus,
.: Bombs
.: Putrefaction

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 8:16 AM


FREE Badman Sampler

Badman Recording Co. has released a FREE, I did say free, sampler over at emusic. Badman Slow Song Sampler has N. Lannon's Hollow Heart , and that alone is worth the trip over there, but 10 FREE tracks from a solid label. Check it out.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:44 AM


Monday, January 16, 2006

VU: Two Will Oldham 7"'s

For this Upload Series we'll go with two 7" releases. The first is from Bonnie 'Blue' Billy (aka Will Oldham) and his release Little Boy Blue. I'm a huge Oldham fan and when a friend of mine loaned me this 7", I was thrilled. A record about a boy saddened by three separte love-related issues and part of the Portrait Series on Western Vinyl.

Little Boy Blue Part I is acoustic folk and bare bones Oldham, centered around the desire for affection. Blue Boy, the second cut on side A, is a bit more upbeat then the first track, but still has classic Oldham written all over it and it deals with a recent break up and the desire to return. The b-side is Little Boy Blue Part II and this is where he ventures out and is assisted by a drum machine and electric guitar, and is dealing with un-acted upon advances from a woman.

A classic 7" and unfortunatly unavailable.

The second 7" in this post is dedicated to David Allan Coe, or at least two covers of the man. Side A is WIll Oldham performing In My Mind. A great song in general, but Oldham puts his twist on it and scores big. Classic Oldham here. The b-side is the song Spotlight sung by Rising Shotgun (aka Brett Ralph) I was unfamilar with this Lousville band, but I'll tell you what, this song is the highlight of the split. Don't get me wrong, Oldham's contribution is grand, but I wasn't expecting much from, quit frankly, a band I never heard of, but Rising Shotgun is good.

Hope everyone enjoys these tracks. They will be up for about a week or two. I suggest ebay if you want to own a copy, because they are out of print and the tracks are not on any compilations.

.: Little Boy Blue Part I
.: Blue Boy

.: Little Boy Blue Part II

.: In My Mind (Will Oldham - A-Side)
.: Spotlight (Rising Shotgun - B-Side)

VU Series: The King 'Kong' Compilation has been removed.
More Oldham related stuff tomorrow.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 6:06 PM


Bosque Brown

I mentioned Bosque Brown a few posts ago, but thought I'd give a quick post devoted to her. Mara Lee Miller is the voice behind Bosque Brown, originally from Texas, and was discovered by Damien Jurado. Her LP, Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller, was released in May of 2005 and has been on rotation here since hearing about her in October. Intimate tales of "truth and woe", Miller's vocals plead with your soul and she wins everytime. Sweet and emotional, I'm just waiting to hear the late Gram Parsons join in on a duet. Check out two tracks from her latest LP.

.: Red Roses
.: I'm Still Afraid

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 4:00 PM


Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Twin Atlas: Sun Township

Tappersize described The Twin Atlas' Sun Township as "that meditative moment found during a golden dusk or a hazy dawn". I don't think I could describe this album any better than that quote.

The Twin Atlas takes you on a musical journey through an open field of pastoral pop. With lead singer/songwriter Sean Byrne's soft, warm vocals harmonized with Lucas Zaleski, these songs brighten my dreay winter day with dream-like thoughts.

Byrne, an accomplished musician (ex-drummer of Mazarin and Matt Pond PA) has found the golden ticket on how to write songs. It's hard these days to make an album. Not a catchy tune or a few good songs, but a full length LP. This is one quality that I look for in new music and I don't have to like every song, but it's rare to find a whole album worth of good tracks.

The Twin Atlas have made such an album with Sun's Township. Every track truely is intimate aural bliss. With tones of Mark Kozelek's voice and the musical intimacy of Elliot Smith, The Twin Atlas atomatically move to the top of my list for bands to watch out for in 2006.

Highly Recommended!

.: Roll On
.: Three Loves
.: Lost Way Falling

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:41 PM


More Revery

Bonnie Billy's 2001 Ep, More Revery, was a live covers ep released exclusive through Temporary Residence Limited's mail-order-only Travels in Constants Series. Long out of print, I was able to get a few tracks and I'll share some here with you.

.: Just to See you Smile (Tim McGraw cover)
.: Strange Things (John Holt cover)
.: A Dream of the Sea (The Renderers cover)

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:44 PM


Jawbreaker: Dear You

Now I'm showing some age, but Jawbreaker was the shit back in the Nineties and they just came up on the itunes random and I thought why not throw them out there. The key to Jawbreaker for me is Blake Schwarzenbach (later going on to form Jets to Brazil) I know alot of people who are down on Dear You, released in 1995, but this is my favorite Jawbreaker album. I guess mainly due to the fact, that as they were changing, so was I. Emo/Hardcore was growing tiresome and this album (although many say they sold out by signing to Geffen, and maybe they did), but this album bridged that gap that I was looking for. None the less I think it's a good album and definitely should be heard.

Here are two tracks from Dear You.

.: Save your Generation
.: Unlisted Track

[purchase Dear You]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:36 AM


Ryan Adams: Destroyer

Recorded a few days before his solo debut Heartbreaker, Adams, coupled with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, sat down and recorded what has been known as the Destroyer LP. Big O has this rare find up for free download. Get over there and get this now, but if you need some convincing, below are a few tracks from the LP.

.: The Poison and the Pain
.: Rainy Days

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:59 AM


Friday, January 13, 2006

Tiger Bear Wolf

Just got my Clermont Newsletter and here come Tiger Bear Wolf. Coming to Durham on 1/19 at the MarVell Events Center with Birds of Avalon. This makes a perfect sequay to mention their S/T debut release on Hello Sir Records.

Dueling , shredding, guitars and "in your face" lyrical attacks from this tri-beast gives me hope for Rock n' Roll. Already blowing up neighboring Greensboro, let their raw power puncture your eardrums. If they are playing with this much passion on the LP, I can't wait to experience their live show. Sample the tracks below and go buy this record.

.: You Can Play Guitar
.: Input Output
.: Wrong Lense, Wrong Film

[website] [purchase] [emusic]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 7:12 PM


Thanks to Ear Farm

I'm sure alot of you know about Muzzle of Bees' "Get to Know Your Blogger" Series. Well, this latest installment is with one of my favorite bloggers, Matt from Ear Farm. I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Matt for plugging the P&S in his interview. You can check the interview out here and I highly recommend checking out Ear Farm if you haven't already. It's one of my first stops every morning.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:16 AM


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mt. Gigantic

Man today has been busy. Not only am I still battling this cold, but I've been working hard all day on The Collective. Just got sweet news that I will be attending the Nada Surf w/ Rogue Wave concert on the 10th of February. Barsuk was kind enough to slip those tix my way. So hopefully I'll have some great pics, stories, and sounds for you.

On to the music... I really don't know how to catergorize these guys other than to say their good. They have qualities of my beloved Animal Collective, with some Joan of Arc-ish thrown in, but to say they really sound like someone is I won't.

I came across Mt. Gigantic when looking for some more Vollmar stuff (Justin Vollmar is in this band) I downloaded a few tracks and then couldn't stop listening to them and went back for the rest. Sample the tracks below and visit there website to download some more from Old Simler.

.: My Grandpa Plays Drums
.: Raechel and her Children

[website] [purchase]

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 6:01 PM


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Essie Jain

I've been listening to the angelic voice of Essie Jain today. Born in London, England, now living in NYC, she is currently working on a new album and I is a preview off that lp. Below are two other tracks from Essie. Recommended.

.: I
.: Loaded
.: Disgrace


posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 7:08 PM


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Biirdie is kind of a guilty pleasure, although I'm not too guilty about liking their debut, Morning Kills The Dark. I say that, because I've seemed to follow lead singer Jared Flamm no matter where he goes (music wise that is) He was the lead singer of my favorite college band Noah's Red Tattoo and then helped Laura Minor get off the ground and now his latest incarnation, Biirdie. I say his, but it's equal parts Kala Savage, and Richard Gowen. With Jared's uniquie vocals and Kala's beautiful voice you really can't go wrong when wanting that occasional pop music treat. MKTD is truely a great debut and Splendid said, "If you love pop songcraft -- and you know you do -- there's simply no reason why you shouldn't own this record."

I wrote about the album a few month's ago, but two new tracks became available so check out the sample from MKTD, the two new tracks and two tracks from Noah's Red Tattoo.

Check out Biirdie's website, my space, and you should be able to purchase MKTD just about anywhere including their website.

.: You've Got Darkness (MKTD)
.: Estelle (new track)
.: We Can't Work It Out (new track)

.: Day My Sister (NRT - Record Low Turnout)
.: Rosencrantz is Dead (NRT- Soapbox Days)

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 12:25 AM


Monday, January 09, 2006

Marissa Nadler: The Saga of Mayflower May

This album came out in 2005, but I have been listening to it more and more lately. Marissa Nadler's The Saga of Mayflower May is an absolutely beautiful record of folk, with sweet, heart-felt lyrics and gingerly picked acoustic guitars. Her voice is that of a siren, luring the listener and conjuring up thoughts of the love, nature, and loss that can only reside in our minds. This is definently worth the listen.

Marissa is also a visual artist and has samples of her work on her website. Sample a few tracks from the release below.

.: Under an Old Umbrella
.: Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees
.: Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning

.: Glory Glory Hallelujah

You can purchase Marissa's work here and check out her website.

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 5:29 PM


Stay in the Shade EP

I never really posted on Jose Gonzalez, other than to put his album, Venner on my Top 15 List of 2005 and I don't have much to post about other than to remind you that on January 24, 2006, his ep, Stay in the Shade is set for release. The EP will feature an extended version of Stay In The Shade, two b-sides, Sensing Owls and Down The Hillside, his cover of the Kylie Minogue hit Hand On Your Heart, and an instrumental track. Pre-orders are being taken almost anywhere.

.: Stay in the Shade

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 2:37 PM



I've been listening to Vollmar (aka Justin Vollmar) today. He has a few albums on BlueSanct. Honest, solid homerecordings of the folkish kind. Check him out.

.: Lover, Won't You Bring Those Berries
.: Susan, did you hear?
.: The Boys and The Guy at the Bottom

(buy Vollmar at Insound)

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 1:54 PM


Saturday, January 07, 2006

David Thomas Broughton

(photo by
Rosanna Freedman)

A few weeks ago I came across David Thomas Broughton and just recently purchased his 5 track EP (the shortest song is 6:17 though), The Complete Guide to Insufficiency on Birdwar Records. The only thing I regret is that I didn't purchase this earlier. Every track, a gorgeous live performance of Broughton playing acoustic folk beauty. This is a must have and luckly for you, the ep just got uploaded onto itunes. Drop the $4.95 and get this today.

Coke Machine Glow interview with Mr. Broughton

.: Unmarked Grave

You can purchase on cd here or download at iTunes
MySpace - Website

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 11:42 AM


Elephant Micah

(photo by
Laurent Orseau)

I've been listening to Elephant Micah this morning ever since I read that they will be appearing on the re-release of of the BPB tribute album, I Am a Cold Rock. I am Dull Grass, set to be released on January 31st, and I thought I would pass some along to you. Enjoy.

.: Minor's Refrain
.: The Environmentalist
.: Ohio Arch
.: Mt. Neil Young

You can check them out online and purchase Elephant Micah here

posted by Matt Hayhurst @ 10:08 AM


Friday, January 06, 2006

Finian McKean's Shades are Drawn

From the opening riff of Shades Are Drawn I was pulled into Finian's world. The available tracks on his site, Black Hole and Shades are Drawn are both good, with me being more partial to Shades are Drawn with it's intense "Crazy Horse" style riff. But the true gems are buried on the album with the more intimate acoustics and harmonies of Little Beggar, Where No One Wants Me, and the bonus track that is placed at the end of Fortune Cookie. His website states this album expresses his city-fueled anxieties and I can hear that in his voice.

Over all it's a nice effort by the former Push King and the "four minute escapes" (that seems to be over quoted) are in fact, just that, escapes. The album has two different feels to it, but it is intertwined in a way that doesn't seem to harsh and on second listening, seems to flow rather well together. No matter what track you decide to listen to though , there is no doubt in McKean's guitar playing ability. Acoustic or Electric, it all rocks. I suppose that at a different time I may be more drawn to the heavier arrangements, but like I said, the stand outs to me are the tracks where you feel it's just you and him in a flat in NY.

Check out Finian's website and Shades Are Drawn can be purchased here.

.: Little Beggar
.: Shades Are Drawn
.: Black Hole

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What I've Been Enjoying

Well, I'm getting over a cold, so sorry no posts yesterday, but I do want to thank An Aquarium Drunkard for sending some folks over my way. This is just some of the songs that have been getting me through my day of kleenex and oj.

Bosque Brown .: Went Walking
Greenpot Bluepot .: PsychoMan
Your Heart Breaks .: Nola
Joni Mitchell & James Taylor .: You Can Close Your Eyes
Castanets .: Three Days, Four Nights
Gene Wilder .: Pure Imagination

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Arcade Fire: First Avenue 9/29/05

As the title descirbes, this is Arcade Fire's concert at First Avenue from earlier this year. Here are 3 samples, but go to Big O for the whole concert.

.: Crown of Love
.: No Cars Go
.: Haiti

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Tunng: Tale From Black 7"

: Tale From Black 7"

.: Tale From Black
.: Pool Beneath the Pond

Purhcase their LP, Mother's Daughter and Other Songs, shipping States wide w/ preorder, 1/15.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mix 2.3

.: Shell and Machines - From Quagmire
.: Spike Driver's Blues - Black Twig Pickers
.: My Walking Days - J. Tillman
.: In the Heart - Shiny Around the Edges
.: Sundrum Ladies - Wooden Wand
.: O.T.T. (Train Song) - Black Spartacus
.: Little Boy Lost - Ponies In The Surf

Just a few tunes that have been spinning around here this week. As always, please support their music. You can order most of the above albums from the artist directly, if not, try here or here.

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Shiny Around the Edges

Intimate, dark, isolated lullibies would be as good of place as any to start to describe the songs of Shiny Around the Edges. I would have never guessed this duo resides in the state of Texas. I would have thought somewhere where it snows and they cherishes grey days most of the year, but the band says,
"they strive to create songs that serve as tone poems amongst the high grasses and wildflowers that make the North Texas prairie a pastoral wonderland."

I don't know if these songs represent a pastoral wonderland, but tone poems for sure. Jennifer's vocals amidst a landscape of feedback and ambience on Waiting for the Rain haunts your soul, while In the Heart takes on a folk facade layered with gentle guitar picking, found sound collages, and the intimate vocals of Micheal and Jenifier intertwined.

Check out their website andpurchase Secrets of the Double Blind, one of their limited edition handmade cdrs while they last.

.: Waiting for the Night
.: In the Heart

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finally, David Lynch for the masses

Minus the oversized packaging and exclusive booklets, comes, for the first time to the mass market (January 10, 2006), two of my most prized dvds, David Lynch’s Eraserhead and a Collection of Short Films. Originally only available from David Lynch’s website, Amazon, and I’m assuming other retailers are providing the buying public with repacked, strip down versions of the original releases, but trust me, well worth owning and a must for any fan of cinema. Eraserhead has influenced everyone from myself to Kubrick (just had to put myself and Kubrick in the same sentence, although I’m not worthy) and needs to be your next dvd purchase. Once you have this, venture over to his Shorts, See less info The Amputee, Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times), The Grandmother, and my personal favorite, The Alphabet. This collection is for the true David Lynch fans only, and hell while your spending all your hard earned cash, check out Lynch on Lynch, a spectacular read.

-purchase Eraserhead
-purchase The Short Films of David Lynch

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Get Him Eat Him

Since I just posted about their Catbird Release, I might as well post something about the band. Get Him Eat Him is a five piece from Providence, RI that rock, plain and simple. From the first time I heard these guys, I knew they deserved attention and I highly recommend checking them out. Anyone that has a blog page devoted to "sammiches" needs to be on your radar. Sample a few tracks below and get that EP today.

.: Exposure (From Do As I Tell You EP)
.: Mumble Mumble (From Geography Cones)
.: Leaders in Doubt (from The Rude Reach)

(Click on album title to purchase)

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